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The E-Class is surely one of the best luxury cars on the market today. This sedan provides

spirited acceleration, precise handling, and a plush ride while maintaining excellent fuel

economy. The seats are very comfortable. If you're worried about safety, the E-Class comes

with dual airbags, side airbags, plus a curtain airbag that prevents head injuries on the

occupants' heads. The Turbodiesel model has been discontinued this year. New for 2000:

freshened styling, new fog lamps, side skirts, revised hood, and lower ground clearance.



 Body Type: Sedan
 Drivetrain: Front Engine/ rear wheel drive/ AWD
 Trim Lines: E320, E320 AWD, E430
 Price Range: $43,500-$53,000
 Fuel Type: Premium Unleaded
 Engines: 3.2-liter V-8, SOHC, 221 hp; 4.3 liter V-8, SOHC, 275 hp
 Transmissions: Auto 5
 Length: 189 in.
 Wheelbase: 112 in.
 Width: 71 in.
 Turning Circle: 71 ft.
 Weight: 3,570 lb.
 Luggage Capacity: 52 cu. ft.
 Airbags: Driver/pass./side/inflatable curtain
 Front Shoulder Room: 55.5 in.
 Rear Shoulder Room: 55.5 in.
 Front Leg Room: 43 in.
 Rear Leg Room: 31.5 in.
 Front Head Room: 4 in.
 Rear Head Room: 3 in.

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Although the C-Class comes with a low base price, its price rises fast when you begin to

add options. Even so, this small upscale sedan is quiet and easily maneuverable. Handling is

secure, and the ride is supple. An C43 AMG provides a host of sporty touches, although it's

very expensive. A redesign is due out next year.


Specs and Other Info

 Body Type: Sedan
 Drivetrain: Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
 Trim Lines: C230, C280, C43
 Price Range: $31,200-$55,000
 Fuel Type: Premium Unleaded
 Engines: 2.3-liter supercharged 1-4, DOHC, 185hp; 2.8-liter V-6, SOHC, 194 hp; 4.3-liter V-8, SOHC,302 hp
 Transmissions: Auto 5
 Length: 177 in.
 Wheelbase: 106 in.
 Width: 68 in.
 Turning Circle: 35 ft.
 Weight: 3,320 lb.
 Luggage Capacity: 13 cu. ft.
 Airbags: Driver/passenger/side
 Front Shoulder Room: 55 in.
 Rear Shoulder Room: 54 in.
 Front Leg Room: 43 in.
 Rear Leg Room: 27.5 in.
 Front Head Room: 3 in.
 Rear Head Room: 3 in.



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When it comes to Mercedes' flagship, you've learned to expect high levels of luxury, capable

handling, a marvelous engine, and first class technology. The new totally redesigned 2000

S-Class lives up to those expectations. The new S-Class comes with all the technology you

can get in a car. It comes standard with eight airbags (including the inflatable curtains), Xenon

headlamps, and LED turning signals integrated in the side mirrors. A new

TeleAid information system automatically signals help when any airbags are deployed. The

new air suspension is so well designed that it is up to the standards of Rolls Royce. An

undoubtedly marvelous V-12 is due out in 2001.


Specs and Other Info

 Body Type: Sedan
 Drivetrain: Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
 Trim Lines: S430, S500
 Price Range: $70,000-$85,000
 Fuel Type: Premium Unleaded
 Engines: 4.3-liter V-8, SOHC,275 hp, 5.0-liter V-8, SOHC, 302 hp
 Transmissions: Auto 5
 Airbags: Driver/ Passenger/ side f/r/ inflatable curtain

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